Wasted Justice

by Diane Capri

Secrets can kill. Diane Capri has used her skills as a writer and lawyer to create a mystery based on politics, relationships, secrets, lies and deceit. She demonstrates how these attributes can be more lethal than any weapon a killer can possibly use. The hero of Wasted Justice, Judge Wilhelmina Carson (Willa), is a cigar-smoking, no-nonsense woman not to be messed with. Put her up to a challenge and she’ll take it.

Billie Jo was convicted of murdering her husband, Trey, 30 years ago. Between Willa’s friend Ursula and Billie Jo’s son Harris, Willa is encouraged to informally investigate the case. There are other people who warn Willa against re-opening this case, but this only encourages her more. She decides to interview people who were close to Billie Jo and Trey, discovering “killing” secrets about people she thought she knew. Willa also enlists the help of Ben, the Chief of Police, convincing him to find the original evidence and use DNA tests on them that weren’t available at the time of the murder.

Willa eventually discovers the truth about that fateful night but not without changing the lives of everyone related to the case including some of them winding up dead.

Wasted Justice is full of “Killing Secrets” that Diane Capri skillfully uses to create a journey of twists and turns before leading us to the truth. I had minimal sleep for a couple of nights because I couldn’t stop reading this book – but it was well worth the sacrafice. I highly recommend this book if you’re looking for a good mystery.