Verse in Arabic

by Brigitte Rasine

I love mysteries, especially ones that have an interesting plot and mysterious characters. When I read the description of Verse in Arabic, I thought it would be a captivating story. I was not disappointed.

The story is told by a doctor who is being interviewed by a journalist. The doctor recounts the events that led to his being jailed for the last 21 years for murdering a young woman in cold blood. He describes being threatened and then manipulated to treat this girl while being restricted in time and resources. The doctor admits to inadvertently killing her, but I found that the motivation for entrapping the doctor was not obvious.

As a bonus, there is a section in the book called the Story Seed. It describes the author’s inspiration and how she came to write the book. The event that led to the book has no ending, so that might be why Verse in Arabic has no clear ending. I always love learning about how someone comes up with an idea for a story and the journey they take in completing a book. I am looking forward to reading Brigitte Rasine’s other books.