Passing Judgement: Short Stories about Serving Justice

by Lesann Berry

Did you ever feel that you’ve been wronged? That maybe the justice system doesn’t work or you don’t agree with the way things turn out? Did you ever want to right a wrong even if it can get you in big trouble? Then maybe you should follow Lesann Berry’s tactic of seeking justice.

Passing Judgement is a collection of twelve short stories dealing with people bent on taking revenge or resolving personal vendatas when the legal system fails or your rules are different then the laws of the land. Each story describes the situation, takes a slight twist and brings you to a surprise ending. They take place at different times My favorite story is The Tsar’s Granddaughter where Ivanka believes that today is her lucky day only to find out that she and her family might be in danger unless she follows her grandfather’s demand that goes against her nature and will make her unhappy for the rest of her life.

The stories in Passing Judgement are set in various locations around the world and influencd by many cultures. It is obvious that a lot of time and research were done to give the stories authenticity. The language is descriptive and vivid such as the following passage:

“Fierce satisfaction licked through Cabrera. He hefted his burden atop a wheeled instrument cart. Stinson’s eyes followed the movement, glittering in the glow of flickering lights. A rictus of pleased anticipation curled his lips. “Let me see.” He said. The hoarse command carried an element of power and the voice, a lingering vestige of the charisma that had charmed countless victims. Tremulous fingers reached and failed, checked by the heavy nylon wrist band.”

If you like quick, short stories that are satisfying, you will definitely enjoy Passing Judgement.