First Steps Out: How Christians Can Respond to a Loved One Coming Out

by Christy McFerren

What should Christian families do when they find out that a loved one is struggling with their homosexuality? Do you turn your back on them or do you support them? First Steps Out serves as a great tool for parents, grandparents, siblings and friends to help you in supporting who is fighting their attraction to someone of the same sex.

This book describes Christy McFerren’s journey in her fight against being gay and the support she gets from her parents. She turns to her faith as a Christian to guide her to change from being gay to being straight. Christy is successful in her journey and is now happily married to a wonderful man. The book describes how she fought against her same-sex desires. Her parents also write about their own struggles and how they continued to love and pray for their daughter.

I found this book difficult to understand. I am Jewish and I had a difficult time understanding all of the Christian principles mentioned in the book. When I was younger, I also struggled with how to deal with my homosexuality, family and religion. I knew my parents weren’t going to be happy and being gay wasn’t accepted in Judaism. My personal journey led me to a wonderful woman with whom I have 3 children and a granddaughter. We are members of a great Jewish community who welcome us.

I highly recommend First Steps Out if you are Christian or not, straight or gay, parent or child. It was a sincere, honest story about a family’s struggle.